Hip-Hop Digest Show 401 – Desiigner Rap

Hip-Hop Digest Show 401

Have things gotten so bad that King Killa has to cheer for Mr. Desiigner? Why have young folks decided that NOW’S the time for no biting? That and more inside this episode! Lots of lister/rater shout outs! Thank you!

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The Hip-Hop Digest Weekly Pick Hits
01.Analogic & MadKem- Natural High
02.Verbal Kent & !llMind – What It All Means (feat. Rashid Hadee & Adad)
03.Epidemic – From The Beginning
04.Device Trax – Welcome
05.Natural Elements – Live The Life (feat. L. Swift)

Albums of the Week
Verbal Kent & !llMind – Weight Of Your World
Epidemic – 4 Dimensions on a Paper
Ian Ewing – Boosh Vol. 2

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