Hip-Hop Digest Show 446 – Take that, Documentary

Hip-Hop Digest Show 446

Can’t help but see the format… if it’s liqour, someone’s getting in, if it’s fashion, someone’s getting in. Now documentaries are all the rage. Most of the time docs are well done, insightful, and interesting. But, when you’re the one doing the documentary on yourself, can it be comprehensive? This ain’t gear we’re talking about, this is laying a story. We’ll see how it goes for Bad Boy. And New York radio is the target again for a young rapper (said in jest). Here today, gone next week. That’s how it goes for one hit wonders in rap music. You mad? Call out New York radio. lol

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The Hip-Hop Digest Weekly Pick Hits
01.Es – Place Of Peace
02.Focus The Truth – Platonic (feat. Ayo Da Don)
03.David Banner – Who Want It (feat. Black Thought & What The Duck)
04.Freeway – Hold The Fort Down (feat. Dave East)
05.J Dilla – Just For The …. (feat. Q-Tip & Busta Rhymes)

Albums of the Week
Copywrite & Planet Asia – Unfinished & Untitled
Ric Scales & 18Sense – Leave It All Behind
2LATE – Waves

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