Hip-Hop Digest Show 458 – One man, one hundred dollars…

Hip-Hop Digest Show 458

So you heard last show that e.Color won a lil scratch from our dude Bvlgari Black. It all stemmed from opinions of the Tupac movie. So we had to give the brother his moment to comment on what his thoughts were. And the comments, go on, and on. #wordtoerykahbadu

Anyway, we got a lot of good topics, and some that’ll have you trippin. Get in now, listen, comment, and share the link!

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The Hip-Hop Digest Weekly Pick Hits
01.Carolina Dirty – Dirty Deeds
02.Aven – Pretty Brown Eyes
03.Supastition – Thanks, Ghost
04.Wise Intelligent – THIS SPACE
05.Pebblee Poo – A Fly Guy

Albums of the Week
Finale & Fel Sweetnberg – Two Kings
Deep Breez – Bring Out Your Dead
Tom Caruana – Black Gold

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