Hip-Hop Digest Show 466 – The Full Monty

Hip-Hop Digest Show 466

And just like that, we’re all back in the building! King Killa and e.Green held it down for a few weeks, but now Curt G is back! For those concerned, listen to the whole show and you’ll get in on what was going on, and why. Other than that, we get it IN! Curt comes back biting at the bit to say his piece!

Get in!

The Hip-Hop Digest Weekly Pick Hits
01.Aven – Hadouken (feat. The Catalyst)
02.Awaxx – RW (feat. Mr Crowley)
03.Carolina Dirty – One Day
04.Flee Lord – Lord Talk (feat. Conway)
05.Saukrates – Hate Runs Deep (feat. Marvel)(Remix)

Background Music
Apollo Brown – Make Do

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