Hip-Hop Digest Show 468 – Look at the Flick of the Bic

Hip-Hop Digest Show 468

We got the fire in this here show! We have a lot of topics, but Migos got things on fire. You’ll get the reference later. Get in, and enjoy! The Digest crew is on full tilt!


The Hip-Hop Digest Weekly Pick Hits
01.Relentless – Impress Me
02.DJ Halabi – Beast (feat. S​.​P​.​O​.​T.)
03.Jermiside & L-Marr the Star – Ohio (Brickbeats Remix) (feat. Sky 7th & Matthew Maticus)
04.MC WHITEOWL – The Main Event
05.LL Cool J – Freestyle (1985)

Albums of the Week
Focus The Truth – Q85
Heem Stogied & EyeDee – The Theory Of Mankind
Tha Jazzadelic – Vinyl Archaeology: Crate Digging and Beat Excavation, Vol. 1

Background Music
Chillhop Records – Chillhop Essentials (Fall 2017)

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