Hip-Hop Digest Show 478 – Give that man his respect

Hip-Hop Digest Show 478

Jermaine (aka) Jamie Dupri has something to say. Is he right? Is he digging? King Killa and e.Green go back and forth snatching the mic from each other to speak on it. A rapper drops H&M to show love, or was it to save face? Lots of stuff in this episode! Get in!


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The Hip-Hop Digest Weekly Pick Hits
01.Es Nine – Rise (feat. A.G.)
02.ScoobRock & MistahMath – War outside
03.Showbiz – Dead Man Walking (feat. O.C.)
04.SL of Repeat Offenders – Where Are You (feat. Eternia & Mellow Drum Addict)
05.Da Youngstas – Pass Da Mic (Remix)

Albums of the Week
Casey Jaffa & Poe Mack – Choice Cuts
Flashius Clayton – Wolf Moon
King I Divine – MUGGY

Background Music
Birocratic – beets 2
Birocratic – beets 4

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