Hip-Hop Digest Show 479 – Sour Grapes Make Bad Whine

Hip-Hop Digest Show 479

Who’s that looking for props? The upper echelon of rappers? Money ain’t a thang? Oh, yeah, you need that looooove don’t you? You’re gonna love this episode! Wait till you get to the part about “falling off.” Lawd!

Get in!

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The Hip-Hop Digest Weekly Pick Hits
01.J.Rob & N1 – Thinking Of You 2
02.Spinz – Watdafuxup
03.Supreme Cerebral x Pete Twist – War Ready (Cuts by Dj Ragz)
04.TapesOne2 – One Step (feat. Vince Vango)
05.I-Power – Under Da Sun

Albums of the Week
OSI – A Sinner’s Mercy
IceRocks – Live From The Bunker
Chillhop Records – Chillhop Essentials

Background Music
Tek & Figub – The Everyday Headnod

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